Elden ring: How to get to the church of inhibition and avoid madness

The Church of Communion is a place that many Elden Ring players for different reasons visit, but many people have difficulty achieving the place. Most Elden Ring players are looking for the Church of Inhibition to procure girls’ blood for Varres quest series, while others only search for the finger Maiden armor set that can be found there. The problem is that there is a tower that tries to approach the church and finally kills him. So you pass the Madness Tower and reach the Church of Inhibition in Elden Ring.

How to reach the church of inhibition in Elden Ring

There is a simple route that helps you reach the church without dying madness, but you have to follow the path exactly, otherwise you may suffer too much damage. You can see the route in the video below or read more to get more detailed instructions.

First travel to the Mausoleum Compound Site of Grace West the small earth tree . Summon Torrent and ride northwest until you reach the cliff edge . Let yourself be carefully drop the side of the cliff by standing on the land platforms out of the cliff.

As soon as you have reached the floor, drive West until you reach Bellum highway . Then drive to the slope to the east of the Bellum Highway on the other side of the trees. If you see patrolling enemies, you are on the right track. Continue to east the inclined path until you reach A wall . From there, dropdown list in the north next to the big yellow tree and continue to northeast along the way to a small slope.

Just drop down and C go on the slash path up until they are attacked by rats . Head East under the stone column past the rats until they reach the field in sight tower of madness . Hug the Western rock wall and use it as cover to hide yourself in front of the tower. If you have accumulated madness, Wait until it dissolves before it goes on.

Hug the cliff until you reach the street . Drive as fast as you can be along the road with the trees for the south . Again, when your madness display is almost full, T go in cover and wait . Continue to the south, past the destroyed tower, and you reach the Rasping Flame Dorf **. There are enemies here, but they can ride past them.

Drive to the Western Dorfrand, then and then the use driving away from the northeast to drive on the mad storm. Follow the road west and brings you directly to the Church of Inhibition, where you will find it a place of grace to rest. The mad storm can discover them outdoors when they ride to church, but just continue.

Fingerprint vyke intruder

You will be attacked by Fingerprint Vyk If you reach the church, just make a break to the place of grace so you can unlock and heal this speed travel point. If Vyke kills you after you have unlocked the Site of Grace, you will spawn there and Vyke will disappear.

Maiden’s Blood Location

Next to the Site of Grace is a dead virgin which you can use Varres questrule . The body of this girl also contains the fingermaid armor set , which has very little defense, but is super light. Now that you have unlocked the Site of Grace, you can enter and leave the Church of Inhibition at will.

Elden Ring How to Get to The CHURCH OF INHIBITION

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