Scarlet and Violet Pokemon: Will we go back to the traditional system after Legends Pokemon Arceus?

Anyone who has discovered the universe of pocket monsters thanks to Legends Pokémon Arceus can take a great disappointment when you want to try the new adventures of the ninth generation at the end of the year with the versions of Pokémon scarlet and purple. Of course, this also concerns the coaches who greatly appreciated the gameplay of LPA in January and who do not want to return to the bases of the license.

This seems logical: Game Freak will probably offer a return to the basics with the ninth generation and, therefore, surely combat by shifts and a much less fun capture system than in Arceus. However, we still do not know much about these two future versions, except the fact that it is first open world game license! Therefore, should we be calm at the end or worried about the continuation of Pokémon?

Discarlet and violet Pokémon will necessarily be less good than Legends Arceus?

After the announcement of the ninth generation, many Internet users met Reddit to try to understand what scarlet and violet playability would be. Many felt then that it would be a return to the traditions of the role games with a capture system that requires you to enter into combat against the Pokémon to catch him.

If we take a closer look at the game description on the official site, we can suspect that the ninth generation will take over the traditional capture mechanics that will have nothing to do with those of Legends Pokémon Arceus. Here, no is about trapping creatures on the fly in the most fluid way possible. However, the Pokémon will be visible in the underground world, as was the case in Let’s Go Pikachu.

After the crazy success of LPA and its mechanics appreciated by many fans of the company , one may wonder if it is good that Game Freak returns to a classic operation of the main series. Fortunately, scarlet and purple Pokémon seem to take paid functions of previous generations, but also offer new functions that will attract the majority, such as open world exploration.

Goodbye to the capture on the march of legends Pokémon Arceus?

As we said, is the official description of the game that has questioned some Internet users: will it necessarily be necessary to start a fight against the Pokémon before capturing them? Should we do it in another “instance” or directly in the world as in LPA?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet EXPOSED! - Potential Problem Just Found!

In the Graphic section , the trailer will not have been unanimous at the moment with its mixture of LPA and sword / shield, but there is still a little time for developers to refine everything before the launch at the end of the year.

And you, what are you waiting for scarlet and purple Pokémon? A system that mixes traditional mechanics and improvements received from Arceus? An open world game with most features introduced in LPA? Or return to the basics? We read you.

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