Monster Hunter Rise arrive sur Nintendo Switch


At the recent independent showcase of Nintendo, Capcom officially revealed a new Hunter Monster title that comes exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Monster Hunter Rise will bring new mechanisms and characters to the Monster Hunter formula, while Palicoes will come back and the mounts will have a more extensive role than other Hunter Monster titles. Monster Hunter Rise offers a new frame to explore for the fans of the series and it would include The Fairy Claw, which is apparently an improved grapple. Monster Hunter Rise should go out exclusively on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

Nintendo was quick to give up Nintendo’s recent independent showcase after advertising a few days ago, and the announcement of Monster Hunter Rise immediately sparked the interest of the fans of the series. In addition to a new decor and new characters, fans can expect to see a plethora of new monsters to fight with Monster Hunter Rise. Monster Hunter Rise will apparently make an appearance at Tokyo Game Show 2020 next week. This is where we will probably have more details on the game next.

The Fairy Claw will allow players to tackle in the air to reach distant areas, an improvement over the grapple used in Monster Hunter World. The players can also climb and run on the walls in Monster Hunter Rise, making the mobility of the latest opus even more improved compared to the formula set with Monster Hunter World. Monster Hunter World popularized the Xbox One and PS4 series, but the fans of the series will be aware that Nintendo exclusives are among the best of the long Capcom series.

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