Elden Ring: You should not miss these important objects

Who has convinced our test, the general trade press and the positive voices of the player’s social media, to dive the toe into the Open World masterpiece Elden Ring , but without having experience with from software games, could still face the game with mixed feelings.

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So in order to facilitate you the first hours in Elden Ring, we not only have helpful entry-level tips for you, but also reveal which items you should not miss at all right at the beginning and according to which important items in later Always keep the eyes open to the game.

The essential objects at the beginning of Elden Ring

Elden Ring (Buy Now 53.98 € / 50.99 €) is the first Souls game with crafting system , but so that you can transform the materials into practical uses, you need the tool set . You can buy at the beginning of the game at the dealer Kalé in the Church of Elleh for Schlappe 300 Runes.

Even in the church of Elleh, she meets the blue-skinned magic Renna, which gives you the ghost-call bell , with which you use the ghost pills in the game and capture strong companions like the imitator tear. However, you have to visit the church at night and previously said with Melina and have accepted your offer. Melina meets her at the place of grace in front of the storm gate: The encounter with her also allows you to use the level system as well as the loyalty Riding StormWind .

The world of Elden Ring is almost perforated by dark caves and gloomy catacombs, through which it stumbles almost blindly as a mole without a light source. Therefore, put up a Torch early early: The light-donating one-hand weapon also gets you at the dealer Kalé in the Church of Elleh and for lapping 200 runes.

Even more practical than a torch is the Lantern , because it does not waste space in your hands and you can go with a sword, shield and light source on exploration tour. The lantern sells several of the nomadic dealers for 1800 runes. For example, you will find one of them in the secluded hut on the peninsula of tears, in the south of Limgrave.

Your bottle of purple tears is thanks to the healing of one of the most important tools to survive in Elden Ring. But did you know that there is another bottle? The bottle of miraculous drugs contains a single sip that regenerates when raced and stands with healing, shield or other buffs. The item is located in the third church of Marika, in the east of Limgrave. An accurate instructions for the item with location can be found in this article.

The grinding blade should be found as early as possible, because it allows the use of war as well. Add to the ruins in front of the storm gate in Limgrave. In the middle of the ruins there is a staircase that leads into a cellar where a treasure chest is hidden. Said chest contains the grinding knife with which your weapons are now provided with War Strait or remove them again from them.

Last but not least, a practical object for players who are the first story boss, Margit , the cruel times sword. The Item Margits chain can tie the end opponent in its first phase two times to the ground, where you can then coordinate him neatly 1. Margits chain is in the cloud flow cave, a precise location description reveals this article.

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