Limited products can also be purchased, LCK offline shopping mall

LCK’s official shopping mall, LCK Shop (LCK SHOP) has entered offline.

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The League of Legend Champions Korea (hereinafter referred to as the League of Legend (LOL) ‘e-Sports Korean Progressive Champions Korea (hereinafter “LCK”) is located in the Roll Park I announced on the operation of the offline store.

Commemorating the opening of this offline store, a variety of field events are held at the LCK shop. LCK Shop Cacao Channel Follow Add and Follow the Offic Instagram (@LCKSHOP_OFFICIAL) to receive 5% discounts, and all purchasing customers will present the LCK pin Button. In addition, we plan to select the review of the customer on the customer who left the purchase certification.

LCK has launched the LAFA and the LCK online shop in July, the character and brand licensing company last year. In the LCK shop, we sell a variety of LCK products to a slider for gaming gears such as Mechanical keyboard and mouse using LCK IP to a slider for gamers.

This opened LCK shop offline store, you can experience and buy all items sold online online, and you can see offline store limited products such as kinging, pin bag, and diffuser.

The LCK shop offline store runs every Wednesday from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

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