Three failures at Werder Bremen and the consequences

Not only the SV Werder Bremen will not be available on Saturday for the top game of the 2nd league (20.30 clock) the best domestic protective of the squad. At SV Darmstadt 98, Patric Pfeiffer misses due to a yellowst1. For Ole Werner, however, the failure of Ömer Toprak is not comparable. The exact value of Pfeiffer’s ultimately the Darmstädter would have to evaluate for themselves, but the fact was: “With us a captain is missing a very good, very young player at Darmstadt,” said Bremens coach, and at least in his personal perception “is perhaps by The effect that the individual has on the course, again a difference “.

Can Toprak even intervene in the “Hot Phase”?

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In any case, what the 33-year-old only wanted to express, was obviously the enormous meaning of only one year younger Bremen central defenders. “Omer is our leader,” he continued to do so. As such, he will be remarkably missing, a muscle tendon injury in the calendar sets him apart for several weeks. Whether TOPRAK can even intervene in the eight remaining league games at all, is currently at least questionable. But the second division season bends so gradually into the “hot phase”, so Werner, “insoffer hurts again that important players are missing”.

Besides Toprak, Friedl is not available with a abdominal muscle injury at least until the next next country break. And then Werder reported on Tuesday afternoon the multi-week failure of Mitchell Weiser, who has moved into Heidenheim a muscle bundle crack in the thigh. Over the past few weeks, the right-back was placed in the starting eleven, the two defenders in the triple bread of a 3-5-2 system anyway.

Departure from the triple chain?

This could now be discarded in the considerations Werner’s. “It may be that we change something to the basic order,” explains the coach. Whether that would be the case at the weekend or only after the international leadership, if the team would have more time of acclimation, “will show himself”. He stresses at least “that we still have staff for the triple chain”.

In addition to the remaining Milos Veljkovic, Anthony could be young (left) and the Lars Luke Lukas Mai (Werner: “Lars Luke Luke Mai (Werner:” It is on him to be used for more playing “). Further alternatives would be the nominal midfielder Nicolai Rapp or Christian Groß, whose position on the six then would be vacant. Felix Agu and Manuel MBOM are ready for outdoor positions.

Werner: “What should we do?”

Very many changes that are going to be in a team part, in which it depends on the vote. “It will be our job to convey these automatisms,” explains the coach, “specifically when players are used, who have played rarely under me”. Of course, all this wants to be prepared accordingly, especially tactical, for example in the two non-public training sessions during the week. However, the implementation on Saturday could be demanding against the current leadership. “It may be that then not everything is so clear, as in the past weeks,” says Werner: “But what should we do? We have to make the best possible from the situation.”

And so captain Toprak will continue to stop as a stabilizing element near the team. “He remains contact for the players and for me,” explains the Werder coach. Whether the central defender is for medium term for treatment for Leverkusen – as that was already the case in the past – is not yet final.

“Nobody should be touched a different role”

Anyway, his role, especially in the square, will not be able to take a single Werder professional, but the resulting leadership vacuum is simply too big. “All are needed to take responsibility, especially the players who bring a certain experience – and we have a whole lot,” said Werner. On the other hand, “but now nobody should adjust and touch another role”.

Now it is important to prove that the Bremer cadre, despite those three high-profile failures, is still a handsome for this 2nd league. “We will throw our entire quality into a saucepan and worry about it,” announces the coach, “that we can be successful in the end”.

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