Hackers of Elden Ring find hidden items in the game files

_ Elden Ring _ is a game that hides a lot of secrets, but of course, players also want to know exactly what is hidden inside the game files. That’s why several hackers escaped these files to find possible hidden items, and what they found not only left them surprised, but also quite confused.

Elden Ring hacker wants to be caught

As you probably already know, kill an NPC in the games of fromSoftware usually have serious consequences for history, but it also means that we can use the team they bring on. With this in mind, hackers found a hidden item in game files known as Deathbed Smalls, and below you can see exactly what it is.

According to hackers, this item is used by FIA and are part of the deathbed set that is available within the game. It is currently impossible to get the deathbed smalls no matter what you do, so the only way to have them is through hacks. We do not know exactly why fromSoftware decided to eliminate this item from the game, but it is not very difficult to recognize it either.

This is not the only thing that Dataminers have found hidden in Elden Ring archives, because a few days ago they also revealed a hidden area that could possibly serve as some type of DLC for this game.

Editor’s note : Surely, with the passage of time, many more secrets of Elden Ring will be revealed. Only in the base game, users continue to discover all kinds of things, and if we add what hackers are doing, because it will be a matter of time for no one to reveal.

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