Survival game “Taipei Aoars” officially announced. Draw an escapeful people in Taiwan in the end of World War I

Taiwanese Games Studios Mizoriot Creative Company announced “ Taipei Azana Raid Raid On Taihoku ” (hereinafter referred to as Taipei Azana raid) on March 17th. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). STEAM store pages are also released.

“Taipei Aoarion” is a survival adventure RPG. The stage is Taiwan in 1945. Once Taiwan was under Japan from Japan after 50 years after the Nisshin War. However, Japan will defeat in World War II. Taiwan, which was under Japan, was also involved in the war, and the Universal Bombing was deemed into the Taipei by the Alliance. The attack is called the Taipei Age Ace (Wikipedia). This work is the theme of the Taipei air raid. I will look for her family as a cleaning of a girl caught in the war.

Kiyoko woke up at a place full of corpses. She wears a prestigious Taipei Women’s high school uniform, but she had what she came, she I came anywhere. While she ran away from the air raid with the dog’s black, she encounters various people, and she knows the current situation of Taiwan.

The characters also work to live to live, and the cat is a friend Taiwanese. Mr. Mindo, who has a discriminated past that studies in Japan. Taiwanese Nakagawa Tsukawa, who has a Japanese last name by Empacking, receiving Japanese education. Father Takeda, a Catholic Japanese. Sasa Sasagi, which is encouraged by a special luxury police of Taiwan. Through the encounter with the complex roots, Taiwan in the end of the Japanese governance period seems to be drawn dark. The STEAM store page is described as “frequent violence expressions and goa representations, including adult content”, and it is likely to be quite severe.

“Taipei Azana” is originally produced as a table game, and this time it is released as a PC game. Although there are many mystery as a game play, but also the adventure part that converses with different characters seems to also exist. The action part does not escape from the air raid, and it seems to be advancing while protecting itself from interference from bullying children and meeting various scenes. There are many buildings that existed in the past appeared, and it is said that Taiwan Jingu Shrine, which was crushed. It is said that you can experience the feeling of atmosphere and people during the war time.

Mizoriot Creative Company is a table game development company that is also active as a vagus. In addition to “Taipei Aoarshi,” will survive! Animals! We have worked on works such as “Kaohsiung Aya Raid” and “Black Patisserie”. Domestic event game markets also exhibited their works. This time, it seems to be trying to draw Taiwan at World War II at a digital game.

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“Taipei Azana Raid Raid On Taihoku” will be released for PC (STeam). It will be compatible with Japanese. There are also official Twitter accounts for Japan, so I will follow you.

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