How do you change with this Apde? “Elden Ring” Technique to influence RTA


This article contains the neetabare of “Elden Ring” on nature. For those who want to play without purchasing prior information as much as possible, we strongly recommend that you leave the article at this point on your browser back.

A “ Elden Ring update was delivered on March 17, 2022. In recent games, a defect correction and the like are now delivered in the network, so it is not uncommon for the game content greatly with one content. In fact, this update contains a very large change, such as some war technologies and weakening of the ashes.

Such updates, particularly susceptible to the RTA (Real-time attack) that will also be susceptible to the limits. In this article, we will explain the impact of updates with what is done in RTA, which has already cuts 30 minutes before updating.

# Warp Glitch

There is a “Seoul” series familiar item, “Seoul” series, which has from the start of the game. There is an effect of destroying all the current runs and return to the last blessing, but it is a really short time after use, but you can choose blessings from the map menu.

This work has a blessing called a fourbel tower, and it can be warped to the opening point of the game start and the parrot Falm Azra. The latter is a dungeon of the last half of the game, but from this warp, it is a place like a tourist spot that the map is seen from the outside with the feeling of Chira.

However, this warp has become a mimo of this Glitch, and after touching the blessing of the fourbel tower, you can use the blessing memory and choose the blessing of the storm hill Boro house in time. ” Can be warped to the original entrance of Falm Azura. By combining this warp glitch in multiple places, after recovering the ice shell wheels that can be used by frost from Lienia in about 10 minutes at about 10 minutes, it becomes a base route of the last RTA that rushes to Falm Azura I was. But This route is available for this update .

# Correction of the king knight buff and weakening of frosts

This update will have a significant impact on the RTA, but it will be a part of the title. “Identifying a king knight” or a weapon with “Detamination” or “Detamination”, and if it has a main weapon in a free hand, buffers on the main weapon side “This defect was well adopted in RTA (I was said to be “not a specification before correction?”, But it is written as a bug because it was mentioned as a defect in this update).

Elden Ring - Odcinek 2
In Falm Azura, since the forging needed to strengthen the weapon is aligned at the progress route, after releasing the blessing of the same point, it will be a flat stone that warps from the Magical Gakuin to the basement of the volcanic building and recover the determination of the king knight. I was. However, since this update can not be used in this update, future RTA will change the route.

# Boss skip

Among the powerful bosses, “Tito Gideon” and “First King Godflay” can be skipped. You will ignore Godfrei by ignoring Godfrei by performing a process from the position of the screen (this technique is very fast in the PS5 version, and this technique is that the loading of the graphic will be in time, and this technique will be in time Need to fight with Godfrei.

# Seek Ens Break is that, players skills are necessary

The readers who will be watching this article will not be aware of the spoilers, but the game itself seems to be clear, but if you make a Falm Azura almost down, you will be rushing down and powerful bosses If you have to capture at about 60 levels without Rune and Talisman, don’t you know the difficulty of RTA of this work well?

You will need players skills to use glitches. Even if you make full use of the techniques described above, “Merikes of the Black Sword” and the “Black Sword Maricos” must be defeated. The former is required to defeat the latter near the 50 levels near the 30 levels. After the update, the frost step was strong and it could not avoid a strong boss that almost ended if it was bullied. Even if these two people have been retired, the ras boss is strong. Since there is no major attack of ice shell +9 and king knight buff, there is no major attack, and this sped run for the qualification was a continuation of the attraction.

It is fun to change the RTA of this work, how to change the RTA of this work to the limit, which has become a big deal in the update, and the new “device” of the fader challenged to the limit will be.

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