Netmarble, SNS marketing competitiveness Five consecutive games

Netmarble won the first place in the game division (HTHI) in the 18th, the Korean Marketing Association, which was hosted by the Korea Marketing Association (HTHI), the first place in the game division (HTHI), the first place in the 5th consecutive year, SNS excellent enterprise Facebook.

Digital Customer Satisfaction Investigation is a model for evaluating corporate SNS marketing competitiveness and calculates the ranking after collecting SNS channel data. This year, 92 industries, 304 institutions, companies, and companies, and netmarble received the entire score of 820, and accounted for the first place in the game division.

The netmarble Facebook page with about 271 million fans conveys its news to video, card news, and so on. Then, Netmarble YouTube Channel ‘Netmarble TV’ provides its own original content as well as the game. Meanwhile, the game company, the daily, the ‘Gak Gadem Company’, has been in the popularity of Youtube’s popular zooming content. In addition, there are blogs, brand media channel netmarbles, which exceeded 2,700 visitors, and are expanding areas as plastic platforms such as Tiktok, Release, and Shots.

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Netmarble Im Hyun-Sup New Media Team Leader said, “We will focus on showing the content of netmarble only as a collaboration with the original content, and influenza,” he said. I plan to communicate with the users. “

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