The beards of the 30 followers of movie theater and videogames that Philips cut like their favored personalities

With a solitary razor , the barbers obtained the most demanded looks. They might shave, however likewise cut and profile. Patillas, mustaches, knobs, beards… they had the ability to locate the style that they searched quickly and conveniently. Later on, the participants only had to submit their make overs to socials media as well as take part in the drawing of * 3 oneblade * razors.

The visit was in Barbers Crew on March 8 as well as 9. 3 specialist barbers of this mythical barbershop from Downtown Madrid were waiting for thirty movie followers as well as videogames to impose their dream: Cut as one of your favored personalities .

Dressed Like The 20's | The Virzi Effect - Episode 530
It was a funny consultation as well as full of motivation to use this shaver at residence and also try various other designs. Altering the head, with oneblade you can cut the hair hair, in order to exercise your favored sporting activity with more comfort.

The difficulty was composed of getting the Kratos beard designs, Geralt Rivia, Iron Male or Jules Winnfield. These looks were mosting likely to have something alike: the barbers were going to utilize the PHILipsoneBlade razor to demonstrate all its prospective . Do you intend to see just how they were left?

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