Elden Ring Tips – The best weapons and shields and how to get them

When you start Elden ring for the first time, everything feels in The Lands Between – and beyond – in such a way as if it were against you. The tree guards, the wandering troll or just the guards who are stationed at the first intersection – all before you enter after you, and the Caelid. However, knowledge is similar to the Dark Souls games and Blood Borne, power. Knowing what the best weapons are and how to get is always the key. And make no mistake, in Elden ring there to find some really animal weapons, provided you know what you build will rock.

Let’s take a look at some of the best weapons in the game, why they are so good and their statistical requirements, starting with the uchigatana. A starting weapon for the samurai class, which can be found in the Catacombs Deathtouched in Storm Hill, Limgrave. It scaled to strength and dexterity with “D” ratings in both and requires 11 strength and 15 dexterity to use it. The main incentive of this weapon is the bleed damage it inflicts, which eventually builds up to the circulation status.

This is especially good against almost everything, because bleed damage an enemy for a percentage of the maximum HP (so even bosses can be with a lot of health easily precipitated with plenty of swings). Equip it with a Blood Affinity Ashes of War and equip it on to a Blood Katana to more bleed to get with skill scale. Transform into a cold Katana for frostbite and bleed damage, although it requires some alternative points of intelligence.

In view of the good bloodlust damage in this game it is good that there is for a special katana. It is rivers of blood and can be obtained by Bloody Finger Okina is killed. They spawn near the Church of Repose in the region Mountaintops of the Giants. It requires 12 starch 18 20 Arkanes skill and “D” -scale in skill and arcane.

Since this is a unique weapon, Rivers of Blood can not be infused with Ashes of War – instead, it has the skill “Corpse Piler” that attacks an enemy continuously with blood splatters (additional entries set the craft continued). In view of the damage-Nerfs Bloody slash this is the next best option. It causes in addition to physical damage and fire damage and can be upgraded with Gloomy wrought stones. The weapon was reportedly bugged, what prevented them from properly scaled with the statistics, but it should now function normally.

A Katana that is not bugged and perhaps the Meta at the moment is moon veil. This is harder to come immediately because you must travel to Gael tunnel (which is somewhere on the border between Limgrave and Caelid) and have to kill the Magma Wyrm to get him. The moon haze caused physical and magical damage, can not be infused with ashes of war and requires the appreciation somber wrought stones. It has a “D” -scale for skill and “C” for intelligence and requires 12 strength, 18 dexterity and 23 intelligence to use it.

The moon veils not only causes bleed to build to bleeding, but also has an extremely powerful ability called Temporary moonlight. It wraps the weapon and unleashed a horizontal or vertical magic blow with a subsequent light and heavy attack. Although their FP costs are high, both skills cause a lot of damage and can strike down enemies in both PvE and PvP quickly.

We all want this berserk fantasy traverse and luckily is that with the possible Greatsword. It is located in a caravan in Dragon Barrow, Caelid, northwest of the site of the grace of Caelim ruins, and is easy to achieve by simply passing sneaks to the nearby enemies. It scales mainly of starch with a “C” rating and 31 requires strength and skill 12 to be used. The skill “Stamp (Upward Cut)” is included, but all you really need is to jump on enemies and smash them so (we recommend to have two).

Complement it with a serious affinity ashes of war for “A” -scale starch, or use a high affinity ashes of war as “Royal Knights Resolve” to the damage of your next blow to massively increase. If you play as a vagabond and attack with impunity enemies or to destroy with each hit bosses, the Great Sword is highly recommended.

The Winged Grim Reaper is a weapon that the Weeping Peninsula is located in the Tombsward ruins. Like other unique weapons it can not be penetrated with the war ashes requires for upgrading somber wrought stones and can not be enhanced by magic or consumables. It scales mainly on skill and faith and has both a “D” rank, while it requires 16 strength, 16 dexterity and 24 faith in order to be used.

In addition to the very strong bleed his craft “angel wings” is of course a blow attack that recovery actions stops (like healing with a vial of tears). With strong damage and a fairly nice skill for PvP is to try something different and thanks to his holy damage also a great option in dealing with the undead.

If you use a bow as a second-hand weapon, whether as a bandit or Samurai, is the pulley may be worthwhile to deal with. This is essentially a long bow, which has a considerable range and offers a “D” -scale both in strength and in skill. Found in a corpse on top of a siege tower north of the tomb of Gelmir heroes of grace, you need 11 strength and 11 dexterity to use it.

It comes with the skill “Mighty Shot” and can not be infused with Ashes of War. If you shoot enemies from a distance and they would then attack with another weapon (or a Shortbow) at close range, the Pulley Bow is second to none.

The sword of the night and flame is one of the most straight swords in the game and physical causes, magic and fire damage. However, it has a “D” -scale in intelligence and faith requires 12 strength, 12 dexterity, 24 intelligence and 24 faith. You find it in Caria Manor on the eastern side – it is in a locked room behind the gardens.

It can not be infused with ashes of war and has the skill “sword of the night and flame” that either the “Night Comet Sorcery” with a light attack or sweeping flame attack with Strong Attack acts. The latter causes tons of damage with relatively decent FP cost. Even after nerfs on the skill Sword of Night and Flame should still be good.

For magic users who want to use the most powerful magic as Comet Azur, the Regal Scepter Search is the best option. Acquired by defeating Rennala and passing their memories of Enia the round table, it has a “B” -scale for intelligence and requires 10 strength, skill and 8 whopping 60 intelligence to use it.

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You can not with war ash fill and it has the skill “Spinning Weapon”. Full Moon spells like Rennalas full moon and full moon Rannis also be strengthened, which is great, magic-resistance to reduce a target. Even if you use simple spells like Glintstone Pebble, you can hardly go wrong with the Carian Regal Scepter. Just make sure that you are a great magician to make it work.

Daggers are pretty underrated Elden ring, but they can be very good to status effects such as bleeding and frostbite quickly trigger. Reduvia is especially good in the former. Obtained by killing Bloody Finger Nerijus in West Limgrave, northeast of Agheel Lake (where you meet Yuria for the first time), it has a “D” -scale in skill and Arkanität while 5 strength, dexterity 13 and 13 Arkan required to run it.

It can not be infused with ashes of war, but it not only causes bleed damage, but is also equipped with the skill “Reduvia Blood Sword”. This makes it possible to throw blood blades quickly and cause bleeding. Given the low FP-cost and lack of self-harm (which is the normal “blood blade” does) it may very well be in the near and medium-range combat.

a sign is highly recommended for any powerful melee option. Although shields do not fit into each build, they can still be extremely powerful and increase your survivability in many cases. Let’s take a look at some of the best shields in the game, starting with the Golden Big Shield. It requires 34 strength and with the same “D” -scale, it has no skill and is infused with ashes of war. You can get it from the Gold Dragon Cult Knight, the south of the Artist’s Shack in Liurnia of the Lakes and Wyndham Catacombs located.

As such, it is very good in mitigating physical damage, although it is penetrated in different ways that those who strike, status such as bleeding, poison and frosting can be obtained. The “barricade sign” of Ash of War has seen a nerf, but it should still be good for the weapon if you are looking for even greater damage reduction.

The fingerprint stone shield requires even more strength (48, just to lead them) and offers a “D” scaling thereof. It is located in the underground moods of Royal Capital. You must find the Underground Roadside Site of Grace and venture through the area to finally defeat a mini boss. From there it is a challenge to jump over several coffins to reach him.

The fingerprint stone sign has a very strong reduction in all categories, causes madness and also comes with the skill “shield hob”. This makes it possible to ram enemies while guaching them, and can bring weaker enemies to waver. The shield can also be penetrated with ashes of the war and polished with magic and consumables.

If you prefer an offensive type of shield, the visage shield should be enough. It is located in Caelem ruins in Caelid and requires defeating the Mad Pumpkin Head Duo to access it. Together with the “D” scaling in strength it requires 44 of the value and can not be penetrated with ashes of the war. The main attraction is the ability “Feuerzungen”, which unleashes fire beams on enemies and can be used while walking. It may not have the highest defense of all major shields, but it should still withstand a lot of punishment.

Finally, there are the great turtle…

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