Neo pin, Clayton Foundation and strategic partnership engagement “Global block body, ecosystem coexistence”

Neopin, a subsidiary of Neopli, a specialized company, said on the 21st that the Neopin, a subsidiary of Neopli, has entered into a strategic partnership.

This partnership was conducted for the success of the ecosystem, the successful global block of Neopin and Clayton, and the Clayton Network-based P & E (Play and Earn) game released from April. The Clayton Foundation is a strategic investment through ‘Klaytn Growth Fund’ for the activation of the ecosystem of Open Platform Neopin, based on Clayton Maine. Neogin also enforced strategic investments in Clayton and discussed future Clayton-based P & E games. Both companies are planning to actively support in the field of promotion and marketing in the future for successful global expansion. Since Neoplai has been working as a member of the Governance Council since 2019, it also applied to one of the main backgrounds of partnership.

Neo Phrases, a virtual asset purse service in Neo Phil, is a block chain, which is a block chain that covers Wallet, P & E, S2E (Service to Earn) and NFT (Non-Fungible Token). The ‘Neopin Token (hereinafter referred to as NPT), which will be used in a variety of blocks, in a variety of blocks, listed on the Mexc Global Exchange on February 28, on March 11, on March 11th. It is scheduled to launch a “P & E” game based on the “Crypto Golf Impact”, as a “Brave Nine”, “Ava (A.V.A),”

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Clayton is a public block chain of Cacao. Founded in Singapore, the Clayton Foundation is leading the support for Clayton denomination and ecosystem expansion. In Korea, it is also possible to easily use 45 million kakaoTalk users in Korea through cryptographic wallet ‘clips’ in KakaoTalk.

“Neogin and Clayton Foundation have entered this partnership based on mutual trust on the authenticity, technology, and vision of block chain business,” said Neogin officials. ” Clayton Foundation, along with the Global Block Class, to focus on the expansion of ecosystems. “

The Clayton Foundation official said, “We plan to actively support Neogin ecosystem activation”, “Clayton Foundation will help to ensure that the game service ecosystem in the market is in the future, and plans to actively support the introduction of the game I said.

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