The digital wii and DSI stores have stopped working

Nintendo To Shut Down 3DS & Wii U Stores, Up To 1000 Digital Games Lost, Proves Value Of Emulation
Since 2017, the DSI store no longer allows players to buy digital games, and the same happened with the Wii Shop Channel in 2019. While it was still possible to download some of the titles and DLC you have bought before From these dates, this is no longer the case, at least for the time being. For a couple of days, has been reported that these digital stores have ceased to be functioning , thus blocking content for millions of people.

According to Eurogamer, since last March 16, the virtual stores of the Nintendo DS and Wii stopped working properly. This closure is a surprise for all , since the Japanese company never warned that this would happen, and at the moment there is no official statement that manages to explain what is happening.

While the communications he shared Nintendo at the time pointed out that eventually the servers would come to an end , many players have been surprised and annoyed that, if this is the final closure, a warning has not been provided in advance.

However, a detail that calls a lot of attention, is that it is still possible to download content already purchased using external tools, such as nusdownloader . In this way, it is speculated that this is only maintenance of the servers, a very common practice, and eventually things return to normal, although this is not a guarantee.

On related topics, we already know when Super Nintendo World will open its doors in the United States. In the same way, the Japanese company has stopped the distribution of its products in Russia.

Editor’s note:

In any case, this is the definitive closure, it is something sad that Nintendo did not even give an ad about it. These stores, especially the Wii, are full of great content and content that is very difficult to find today. Hopefully, it will only be a matter of time before we see a clear solution.

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