World Cup Playoffs: Ibrahimovic introduces Sweden squad

With Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Emil Forsberg attacks the Swedish national team after the World Cup ticket. The two stars perform the squad of the Scandinavians in the final playoff round.

The EM-EX-Zechtelfinalist meets on March 24 first on the Czech Republic, the winner of this duel fights five days later against Poland with striker star Robert Lewandowski around the ticket for the Winter World Cup in Qatar (21st November to 18 December).

In addition to Forsberg from RB Leipzig, Branimir Hrgota and Andreas Linde (both Greuther Fürth) are from the Bundesliga.

The 40-year-old Ibrahimovic, who had returned to the Team of Blagult after five years of pause, is in front of his international matches number 121 and 122.

The Swedish association officers last complained about a possible competitive advantage of Poland. “The most sensible and fairest would have been on athletic level if Poland had a new opponent in the semi-finals,” Secretary-General Hakan Sjöstrand had said.

Poland had moved directly into the last playoff round in Europe after the World Association FIFA excluded the intended kick-off opponent Russia due to the war in Ukraine.

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