Are there dementors in Hogwarts Heritage?

There are many features familiar with books and films about Harry Potter, which will be included in Hogwarts “Hogwarts”. Fans are wondering if dementors will be one of these things. It was believed that in the game there would be no devenors, as they guarded Azkuban until Voldemort came to school.

In the frame there is a short clip in which Dementors fly to the screen. E3 trailer for Hogwarts heritage, when the narrator speaks of a dangerous world. E3 trailer clearly shows some kind of dungeon with a prison chamber and five flying deumenters. So it can be assumed that dementors will necessarily be in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy State of Play - Official Gameplay Reveal 4K

The developers talked a lot about how the protagonist will leave Hogwarts to see the outside world. In the new Trailer Presentation PlayStation, most of the action occurs outside the school, since the player fights with dark wizards, goblines and monsters. It is safe to say that the chief hero will go to Azkaban.

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