Ghostwire Tokyo Max Level – The Maximum Synergy Level in the game

Ghostwire Tokyo is a strange mix of ideas and systems from all kinds of games. And one of the systems in the game is your synergy level, which pursues how much EP you deserve in the game, from missions to saving spirits. But what is the maximum level in Ghostwire Tokyo you can reach while you play and travel through Tokyo?

Well, it will take a while until they have fully upgraded in Ghostwire Tokyo, as they have to complete all missions in the game and who need to save more than 240,000 ghosts about the telephone booths. But as soon as you made it to get them all, you will be fully equipped with some of the best skills in Ghostwire Tokyo and the entire range of weapons in your arsenal.

So, to find out what the Max Level in Ghostwire Tokyo reads.

Maximum Level by Ghostwire Tokyo

The The Maximum Level in Ghostwire Tokyo is Synergielevel 50 . As soon as you have reached level 50, you can not upgrade, no matter how much XP you get.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - Gameplay Walkthrough (FULL GAME)
As mentioned earlier, they have all the capabilities of the game as soon as they have reached this maximum level and can work to save all spirits in Ghostwire Tokyo.

Further tips and general instructions for the game while working through Tokyo can be found in our exemplary approach to Ghostwire Tokyo, how to unlock the arch and more.

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