How to marry Fuuku in Rune Factory 5

You will meet Fuuky a few days after launching the game and immediately after you open the restaurant in the “Factory Rune 5”. She is a werewolf animal that is currently studying human speech. She is known for its incredible honesty and overcame a lot of distance before meeting the main character.

how to increase fuuki hearts

Fuuku can be found at Lacadayzy after you can enter the institution. Talking with her every day, as well as providing her a gift, will help raise the level of friendship. You will also want to give her a gift for additional points on her birthday, which is summer 29 .

Favorite items:

  • Jewelry
  • A fish

Not like items:

  • Green peppers
  • Carrot

8 Ways to Increase Friendship + How to get Married in Rune Factory 5
* Marinated turnip

Fuuka is another character who is easy to please. As soon as you get Fishing rod Just keep the reserve Fish at hand to give her every day. Once you find yourself at heart level, 7 Use the BTW menu to confess FUUKA . You can meet with several characters at the same time, but marry only one.

The marriage option will be available after you perform the following tasks:

  • Completed Three Normal FUUKI EVENTS, Pink icon The icon appears on their map, notifying you about each event.
  • Completed final plot event.
  • Meet each in the city.

  • Unlocked and made Wedding Ring .
  • She has ten hearts .
  • Have Double bed .

As soon as you do all these requirements, you can make a fucker offer and marry her.

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