Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft calls new numbers and statistics on abody service

As part of GDC 2022 in San Francisco, Microsoft’s leaders have talked about the Xbox Game Pass. More than 25 million users are now as an active subscriber. In the presentation – which can also be viewed with Youtube, however, the company still delivered some more interesting statistics around the service. Among other things, the customers of the Xbox Game Pass should spend more time with video games – compared to the average. Almost 40% more titles are played by subscribers. In addition, Game Pass User are Spendable when it comes to in-game purchases and give 50% more than the average player.

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Another highlight of the Xbox Game Pass are games that are available directly to the Launch in the subscription. Again, a clear boost can be seen. Accordingly, in the first 30 days, these titles have up to 3.5 times more players compared to plays that are not in the Xbox Game Pass. Especially with indie titles, the number of users should even be 15 times higher. Also this month Microsoft has again added several games to the offer. These included u.a. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, F1 2021 or Shredders.

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