Devado Mobile April 28 Asian formal launch, Domestic?

April 28, 2021
Dead By Dairite (Dabada) Mobile Asia is launched on April 28, starting formal services.

Debademov is a game that implies the asymmetric survival game Devada to Mobile. Beginning services in North America and Europe in 2020, but the Net Iz, who was in Asia, has defeated the launch of the Asian edition for each local cultural reflection and localization. Debademov will be serviced by partial fee, and at the time of the opening, a total of 12 people, a total of 13 survivors appear.

Debademova started a pre-reservation from the 14th, and is possible to apply for Android, iOS dictionary on the official website. With pre-reservation compensation, you can receive skin and survivor characters, etc., and if the participant is recorded or more, there is an additional compensation, such as a variety of goods including Blood Points.

On the other hand, the domestic service schedule is the same as this. Debademova has been in Japan, only 20,000 players in Japan, has been launched in Japan, and the Devado Mobile official website has not been a presentation for domestic users, including Japanese, Thai, and English. However, in the case of Net Size, the Domestic Services schedule is expected to be disclosed sooner to be disclosed in the Domestic Services schedule.

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