Stuttgart title aspirantss make ground good

The two title aspirants had their problems on Saturday. While the Stuttgarter title aspirantss at the SV Linx turned a 0-1 residue to a victory, the SGV Freiberg had to settle at the FV Ravensburg with a ultimately lucky point. In the table, both come together closer together.

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Ravensburg showed a very good performance against the favorite. Shaft climbers spent the ball already in the 6th minute after perfect passing to Burkhardt and then into the gate. The goal ahead was a unnecessary ball loss of the Freiberger in the opposing half. The FVR, who increased in 34 minutes to 2: 0, remained a bitive and the better team. On link, the hosts combined until the baseline. Lauenroth dulled his opponent and Keeper Burkhardt caught in his shot in the short corner on the wrong foot. The guests from Freiberg returned shortly before the break. And sökler was allowed to head unchecked at the break stand (40th). The second section was then toughed. The game was shaped by many two fights, play breaks were not uncommon. In the 52nd minute Ravensburg restored the old distance. The Freiberger domestic defense had voting problems at an arc lamp. And so Chrobok stormed alone on the gate and sucked the leather over Burkhardt into the gate. The SVG tried to answer. That succeeded for six minutes later. This time, Celiktas was allowed to sign off the first post after a corner (58.). The homelif braced against the threatening compensation and also put needles even again. As far as it was possible – to reflection time, as Berisha a slatted shot to 3: 3 dusted (90. + 3).

Trouble also had the pursuer who shortened the residue on Freiberg on a counter. The Stuttgart title aspirantss were at first half of the SV Linx after a very weak and idealess first half. Assen makers scored with strong support of Stuttgarts Keeper Otto, who slipped a free-kick flank through his hands and the gate, the leadership for Linx (18th). Otherwise, scorchances were rare on both sides. This also changed in the second section. The title aspirants lacked the train to the gate and the hosts focused on defending. After an hour, the blue were slightly more printer. But out of the game they were rarely dangerous. Within 120 seconds Stuttgart then turned the game. In the 68th minute, Tunjic borrowed after a corner with his head, two minutes later, Zagaria did him right. In the remaining 20 minutes, the favorite had the game under control and played the scarce lead home.

Freiburg and village features win

The spreadsheet is still closer together. There are only five counters between Elf and 17 place. The sports lovers village features were guests at the also relegation threatened 1. FC Bruchsal. The host first caught the better start. Redekop used a carelessness early freezing cold (6th), thirsty hammered a little later the ball after a corner from the penalty area into the mesh – 2: 0. The initial magic was soon fleeded. Because village features came to compensation before the break. First Dusted Mutlu (25.), in the final minute of the first half then an injured free kick ended with him, which he carried out of the rotation in the angle. In the second section, the sports lovers went after an avoidable mistake by Gallego Vazquez, which suddenly stood alone before Keeper Nell in Front (51). The decision fell almost 20 minutes later. This time, Nietzer was able to insert almost units (73.). Before that, Walica for Bruchsal awarded the giant compensation opportunity from the point (60th). Gissself also saw the traffic light card (62nd). After 4: 2, the sports lovers, who are now close to non-absorption spaces, left nothing more.

Also three important, ultimately but happy counters booked the Freiburg FC. He had the table inside 1. Göppinger SV visited and was through an own goal of Himmelsbach from the 44th minute long. In the detention time, however, the FFC then turned on the winning road through a double strike, because the guests missed it after the leadership, to follow further gates. Eggert first to compensate for compensation (90. + 1) and U-19 actor EBEL was reserved for the rejuvenated winner two minutes later. Freiburg has created the connection to the saving shore again.

On the other hand, the performances of the FC Astoria Walldorf II, which after two early counterplaces with 0: 3 at FC 08 Villingen, was undergoing the FC 08 Villingen, and the Sport Union Neckersulm, which against the FC Nattingen in front of a native backdrop shortened shortly the shorter – 0: 1. In the height surprisingly, however, the TSV Ilshofen won his home game against the FSV 08 Bietigheim-Bissingen. A double strike through Schiffmann (40th) and short (43.) paved the hosts shortly before the half, another through Esau (79.) and Aygün (82.) in the second round made the 4: 0 home win perfect. In the table Ilshofen is still on the penultimate place. Four goals also scored the 1. CFR Pforzheim, the final light FV Lörrach-Brombach 4: 1 struck.

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