The new Black Desert Drakania class is revealed while waiting for its meadow

Last December as part of the first part of his “Calpheon” (this online convention presenting the future of Black Desert ), the studio Pearl Abyss unveiled the new land of the mountain of L eternal winter. This weekend, the South Korean developer organized the second episode of the event and presented the next class of the MMO Action, Drakania – the area and the class will be deployed April 6 on the MMORPG servers.

The Drakania is presented as the Nemesis of Guardiana (already playable in BDO): the one and the other have dragon blood in the veins, but the Drakania is the heiress of the Dragon Markthanan while the Guardiana comes from the Dragon Labreka. And the two classes perpetuate the confrontation of the two dragons: Guardiana is the carrier of the divine flame of Ynix, when the Drakania intends to destroy it.


Drakania Narrative Trailer, the Destructive of Ynix of Black Desert Online

The two classes therefore have similarities: they are imposing fighters, one managing the ax (Guardiana), the other using a two-baptized Slayer sword. However, according to the development team, Drakania is imagined to go against the ideas received: two-handed weapons are generally slow to handle but the Drakania is animated by lightning and its gameplay is nervous; Two-hands weapons require preparations that take time to launch their most devastating attacks, but the Drakania charges “ions” (its main resource) allowing it to unleash these attacks without delay since the gauge is full.

Like the other classes of Black Desert Online , the Drakania has a series of skills sometimes offensive, sometimes which ensure its “survivability”, or its mobility. In bulk, it launches violent lightning attacks with zone effects (thanks to the ions), but it can also for example use the ion loads to attract its targets to it (and to ensure that they stay at its Scope) or use lightning to generate the wings of the dragon and project forward; She can also generate a protective bubble for her and her allies or restore her life when her gauge goes below 50%…


Drakania - New Class Story Trailer | Black Desert

First preview of Drakania’s gameplay, the next playable class of Black Desert Online

While waiting to discover the Drakania on room, Pearl Abyss says that the curious will begin to pre-create their character from Drakania from March 30th. The new class will be playable from April 6th on the Live Servers of BDO, parallel to the opening of the new land of the mountain of eternal winter.

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