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Core Keeper is a sandbox game in which you can get, build, fight, create and engage in a farm to reveal the secrets of the ancient kernel. In this manual, all the details and strategies that you need to know for the victory over the boss will be a hormone devourer in Core Keeper.

Where to find the Mind of the Eater in Core Keeper

Mountains Eater – one of the main bosses Core Keeper. And, as follows from his name, he devours everything in his path, so it may be difficult to challenge him.

This keeper of the nucleus is circling around the map clockwise, so it will be easy to find it, as it is a giant larva.

On Earth there will be an orange mucus due to the fact that he is infinitely driving on the map. So, follow the orange mucus, and in the end you will find it.

Core Keeper: How to Beat GHORM the Devourer

How to defeat the Mind of the Eaters in Core Keeper

There are several ways to fight with the uncontrolled keeper of the kernel. You also can,

  • Fight far battle
  • Fight in the near battle
  • Use explosives
  • Use trap

First of all, you need to test your equipment and supplies before you can catch up with the Mind of the Emirator.

Create Rapid Ring Since it will give you a speed increase by 6.9%. It will be a bit, but you will not lose his buff, unlike consumables during the battle.

The next thing you need is Fast Pen . This is the consumable material that you get in the boxes on the map. It gives a 200 percent increase in speed and jerk, which gives you an advantage over the boss, but the disadvantage will be that it lasts only 4 seconds.

You can also cook acute tulip salad, for the preparation of which the pepper bomb is required and glowing tulips. Increases your vehicle speed by 21% per 1 min.

The next point will be Sword mucus . To create it, you must defeat Departure disgusting mass.

After the victory over him, you can create a sword in the core. For the mucus sword, 8 tin bars are required, 8 copper ingots and 15 mucus.

The damning of the slug is moderate and hardly has higher characteristics than the tin sword, but the slug has a unique effect, which slows down the goal movement by 41.1% for 4 seconds.

This sword and consumables can help you catch up with the boss, as the mucus on the ground slows down a little.

Tactic range

You will need at least 3 slingshots or 2 musket to fight at a distance. You can catch up and shoot it into his back one or twice and retreat a bit, but remember, do not go away from it, as the boss starts to recover if you leave its range.

Continue to repeat the process until its health falls up to 50 percent. After he has half of his health, the boss will go into the second phase where he will begin to pursue you like a maniac.

Because of his gigantic sizes, it will be difficult for him to rotate, and you can use it in your own interests and finish off the boss as quickly as possible.

Middle Tactics

You can’t simply attack the boss without any strategies, so we will use the sword of mucus as a weapon for this tactic.

The unique effect of this sword is that it slows down 41.1 percent target for 4 seconds.

You can simply continue to beat it until it goes to his twice. And the phase and sends you. In the 2nd phase, you must use the range tactics to easily defeat.

Using explosives

If you can not defeat it, throw a few bombs in his face. You need to create about 30 bombs and just run ahead of the boss and continue to throw bombs to his face. That’s about it.

Use traps

This is a double-resistant strategy, since it has a 50 percent chance of success against Mountain. You have to create 60 traps with spikes to kill the boss.

The boss completes all his rotation for almost 5 minutes. You need to throw traps with spikes on his way and wait until they finally kill him.

But the boss can also destroy traps, as he slowly sweeps everything in his way, so good luck with it.

These are the awards you get for the victory over the Hill Eater:

  • Mountain chest
  • Horn Gorma
  • Mysterious idol
  • Gastric Mind Bag
  • Ring Larvae
  • Meat Larvae
  • Ancient gemstone
  • Gold Ore
  • Fiber

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