Magic seal of Ordina, the liturgical city of Elden Ring: solution to the puzzle to access the secret area of the Miquella Hieratic Tree

FromSoftware has plagued the vast world of Elden Ring. He never stops surprising us, even if you have more than 100 hours played, as is my case, being on the gates of glimpse its end. Without going any further, the liturgical city of Ordina hides a great secret If you resolve the puzzle of your magic seal.

Elden Ring: How To Solve Ordina Liturgical Town Puzzle! & Get To Miquella's Haligtree SECRET Area
If you notice, behind said city there is a gargoyle with a prison just by the side that stands at the beginning of the puzzle. And as you will have deduced, it will open the locked access of the door that is seen at the bottom at the end of the stairs. Although the most striking thing about the matter is that from there you will teleport you to the secret area of ​​the hieratic tree, that part of the map located at its northern end. Attentive to the riddle .

“Illuminates the four figures of the eternal jail”

For you to sit, the liturgical city of Ordina is located at the northwest end of the peaks of the giants, specifically to that part only accessible through the secret medallion of the Gran ROLD elevator, as we explain in another guide. As you enter that area, go to the bottom and reach this city, with a place of grace just at your entrance. Activate it.

Already in Ordina, you will notice something quite strange : There are no enemies inside. Of course, you will notice the presence of several animal spirits that will not do anything to you. And apart from that, several areas blocked with magic. First of all, take a walk around the city picking up the objects from the floor and the roofs while you go familiar with your design to be able to place yourself better below…

Because if you go to the back of the city and active that prison where is a gargoyle that you should examine, you will teleport to an alternative version of said city where there will be enemies. And with the main objective of illuminating four figures of the eternal prison, with three located in very high areas.

Take this reference image . In the background on the left is where you activate jail. And as you see, at the bottom right, above all, you have one of the four figures, with another just where the protagonist is. To access that party you have to climb on a ladder on the side. The problem is that there will be an invisible killer who will be able to answer a critical hit in the back if you do not move fast. But quiet, that he can not climb stairs. Although you do not relax…

The latter we say it because on the roofs you will run into several magical archers that are extremely lethal, being able to see the three from the point that can be seen in the capture above. Two of them are just the sides of the last figure, the most difficult to activate when having to jump through several roofs from the point where my character is found, so be careful.

The third figure is just below, in the central z1. And the fourth is at the end located on the left, having to climb on other stairs. With these two you will not have problems, except with that last one that is seen in the distance.

Extreme precautions , both with the invisible enemy when you are at ground level (pay attention to sound and your footsteps) as with the archers if they see you. Luckily, yes, when you activate a figure will be saved even if you leave jail, so you will not lose your progress. And when the last seal is broken, you will teleport again to the Pacific Vision of Ordina and you will be able to access the background stairs that will take you to the Miquella Hieratic Tree, One of the secret areas of Elden Ring . And of the most dangerous, of course. We will not tell you anything for you to be surprised with that place, except for a tip: do not go crazy, that almost any fall is a suicide. And monitors the attacks of enemies…

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