Zelda fanatics: Breath of the Wild 2 have some interesting theories about the master sword

Today, Nintendo officially delayed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Until the spring of 2023. Obviously, this was a disappointment for many fans of Nintendo Switch, but the news was softened a bit with the launch of new images of the game. The short clip presented a convincing socket of Link holding a destroyed version of the master sword. Naturally, that image has led to speculation about the game, which could mean for the general Canon of Zelda and the impact it will have on the narrative of the game.

The origin of the master sword was revealed in the legend of the Zelda sword towards Heaven, which is canonically the first game in the Timeline of the Zelda series. When Nintendo revealed that the heavens about Hyrule will play a role in _They of the savage 2 gave rise to many speculations that the narrative of the game will be related directly with the events of Espada to heaven. The fact that Nintendo Relanzara _edo towards HD HD on Switch was considered evidence to support that affirmation. Several fanatics believe that today’s clip gives credit to that theory, and that Link will have to re-forge the sword and work together with one more time. That is not the only theory that bounces, but it certainly seems plausible!

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The reconstruction of the sword definitely seems to be a main objective.


we could see again


… or the return of Demise!




The Mystery of the Master Sword's Disappearance (Breath of the Wild 2 Theory)

Surprisingly, several people think that it is possible!


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