Call of Duty hacker exhibits himself

Since always, the cheats at CALL OF DUTY have caused all kinds of headaches to both Activision , and Fans. Even with his new anti-traps system, Warzone ** In particular continues suffering from the absurd number of cheats that the game has, and one of them, trying to prove that he was not cheating, ended up exhibiting himself from The most ridiculous way possible.

Kenji , a streamer and semi-professional player of Call of Duty, was playing a game of 2v2 when the opponent of him accused him of being using wallhacks, a trick that allows the player to see his opponents Through the walls. Kenji I wanted to prove the innocence of him when mounting a second camera to record his gameplay, and that’s how he also exposed himself cheating.

Moments after this video went to light, Kenji was suspended from all the competences of call of duty in which he was participating, and his accounts of twitch and twitter were also Deleted completely.

Editor’s note: It seems that no matter how hard you try, Activision simply has not managed to find a definitive method to end the hackers in Call of Duty. This year we will have a new delivery in the franchise and hopefully, this will be accompanied by a better system to detect cheats.

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