Subnautica alternative: Steam player love new survival

Planet Crafter seems to be the perfect mix of subnautica and no man’s sky. Despite Early Access, the survival game already has many fans and can secure one of the top places in the PC charts.

New Steam Hit: Subnautica with less water

The Survival game Planet Crafter sends you a lifelong planet to change the ecosystem and make it worth living for humans. Better said than d1. Of course, there are many hazards on the strange planet, which applies to survival. In addition, you need different minerals, machines and also a separate base.

The pictures on the Steam product page already show that Planet Crafter is clearly inspired by games like Subnautica and No Man’s Sky. The modular base construction, for example, reminds immediately to the underwater adventure . In the Red Sand Desert of Planet Crafter, however, you will find water only if you start the Terraforming of your planet. In this way, lakes form and it grow trees and grasses. (Source: Planet Crafter on Steam)

The Early Access Trailer already gives you a good impression of what awaits you in Planet Crafter:

Planet Crafter celebrates huge success in the sale charts

The players already have a lot of praise for the early access game. Of the over 2000 user reviews are currently 95 percent positive . Even players feel positive to subnautica reminds and celebrate the many features that the survival game already offers. Many also wish to have a multiplayer mode to be able to explore with friends.

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Planet Crafter can even climb the steam top seller list **. The survival game is here on the third place. Only Elden Ring and Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga can beat survival success. (Source: List of Steam Topseller)

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