Farmers criticizes Katar football

With sharp criticism, fan representatives from Germany look at the draw of the World Cup in Qatar.

“This tournament is the absolute low point of a devastating development,” said Dario Minden from the Fan Association our curve to the “SID”. The tournament in the desert mirate (21 November to 18 November) is “the sale of football”.

Norwegian Football Federation President criticises Qatar's human rights record at FIFA congress

Due to human rights violations and exploitation of work migrants, Katar has been in criticism for years. The award in 2010 by the then FIFA Executive Committee was also accompanied by massive corruption comensors. Qatar repeatedly rejected the allegations.

“There is nothing more, no last hurdle of decency and morality that can not be overcome with money,” criticized Minden, who has little hope for an improvement, before the World Cup draw on Friday in Doha. The FIFA is “the stinking head of the fish”, the world association is “so far away from being a serious partner.”

From the German Football Association (DFB) Minden demanded a clear attitude. “About the German Germanys officer must be piled on a change. We are quite unbiased and give the new leadership for Mr. Neuendorf a chance,” he said.

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