How to get a combined number of x30 or more in Mario Kart Tour

The new and last tour for 2019 in Mario Kart_Visit has arrived. This is another holiday, but more focused on the end of the year, with a little sprinkled Christmas. A challenge you have the chance to take up is to get a number of x30 combos or more during a race.

To receive a combo in a game, your driver must earn points somehow during the race. You can win them by catching coins, hit another disc with an object, by drifting, making a jump, boosting, exceeding someone in a race, hovering or using the special movement of your pilot.

You have a wide assortment, but get a X30 combo is not easy.

Find a preferred track. The best way to approach this challenge is to find the best track for your favorite driver. This means that you are looking to drive on a privileged course for your driver, providing you with the most items in the boxes. When you hit an object box, you will have three available, rather than only one or two. The more you use it, the more chances are to make combos.

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Stay last. When you have found the track you want to explore, make sure to stay in the last place until the second round. You will not want to try the X30 combo until you easily earn at least seven taking the other runners.

A lot of luck and practice. Unfortunately, there is a lot of luck behind this challenge. It takes practice to understand a course and learn to work with the combos because it is easy to break a chain. You can keep it by making sure that drifting in a jump, then you hit an opponent with an object.

Do not expect to receive this challenge from the first time.

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