Pretty Girl Barrage STG “Death Smilees I II” STEAM version announced, to this summer release. Three works 9 modes, girls of girls in different worlds

Domestic game Development Company Connection announced the STEAM version of “Death Smilees I II” on April 2. Release time is summer now. A Steam store page has been released in line with the announcement. It seems that the package version is also scheduled for sale.

i cannot talk to you about the plan
The “Death Smiles” series is a Gothic Horror World, and the girls fighting, a horizontal scrolling barrage STG. Cave is working, and the company’s smartphone work “Gothic is a magical maiden-Sasate! ~ “I share the view of the world.

The stage of this work is a different world’s national national national country where the person who was in the middle of the earth is lost. Those who are lost are acquiring special magical skills. As a result, Jillballads have continued to have a peaceful daily with their magical power. However, one day Silverard appears the legendary demons and starts human beings. A fierce battle of a demon was about to start with those who got lost from the earth.

The main character of this work was a 13-year-old girl who lived in London. She gets lost to Silverard, and Wyndia challenges Widundia as a wind. This series is a barrage STG of horizontal scrolling. At the start of the game, select the operation character from a few girls. The purpose is to replace the enemy and capture the stage using a bomb or shot that paid off with magic while avoiding enemy attacks. As a system, a mechanism is also introduced by selecting a stage by selection.

This work “Death Milees II II” contains three series of series. As a title, “Death Miles”, which appeared for the arcade in 2007, the version upgrade version “Death Miles Mega Brack Label”, “Merry Christmas of Death Miles IIX Makai” of the sequel.

Also, each title contains an arrangement mode that can be played in the past home version. Specifically, “Death Miles” arcade / arcade / Ver 1.1 / normal. Arcade / Ver 1.1 / Normal of “Death Miles Mega Brack Label”. Arcade / IIX / Arrangement of “Merry Christmas of Death Smilees IIX Makai”. A total of 9 versions of a total of 3 works can play. In addition to providing training modes, online rankings are also mounted.

Also, if you introduce the paid DLC “Additional Self-Open Character” Gothic Magical Maiden “5 Maiden Set”, “Gothic is a magical maiden-Slightly contract! ~ “5 Otome is available as a playable character. Note that DLC characters can be used in Ver 1.1 and normal mode of “death milees” and “Death Smile’s Mega Brack Label”. In addition, this work is on December 2021 by PlayStation 4 / Xbox ONE / Nintendo Switch version. The appearance of the STEAM version can play this work on PC.

“Death Smiles I II” STEAM version is scheduled to release this summer. It is also planned to release the package version. In addition, in the event “Shoe Festival-Shooting Game Large Thanksgiving Day-On Day” announced by the information of this work, the STG “Red Sword” transplantation by Cave was also announced. The same team as “Death Smilees II II” is in charge of porting, and Nintendo Switch version play videos have also been released in delivery.

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