LOL: Riot wants Zeri to be a traditional ADC and demonstrates it with changes in the PBE

It continues the wave of changes in the League of League of League of League of League of League of League of League of League. After giving us to know what Riot Games plans with Wukong, it is the turn that one of the most recent champions like Zeri, suffers important changes. Such is the magnitude of the adjustments that all the skills of it except for passive, will have adjustments.

The most retouched skills, yes, are both the q – explosive fire , like the w – ultradescarga laser . Both the tension e-rise and R-shock of lightning have parallel touches that seek to give you more things to do to the champion if she meets certain factors in her playing style.

Zeri: The Spark of Zaun | Champion Trailer - League of Legends

all retouching to Zeri in the PBE

What we can appreciate here is a change in the way of retouching the champion. Instead of leaning on a nervey to the Trinity and cutting the power of it as non-dependent mobile ADC of the attacks interspersed with skills, it is now looking for a much more classical itemization inside the shooter role. The demonstration of this is the rise of the attack damage ratios, the lower damage drop and the addition that critics give.

Recall that these adjustments, if they are not altered during these days, will arrive at the game server next week, specifically on Tuesday night on Wednesday in Spain.

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