The best resources in The Planet Crafter

In The Planet Crafter, you are solely responsible for the terraformation of a hostile planet so that humanity can call it with his home. This will require a lot of work, and you will need to collect a lot of resources to build your database and convert the planet. It can make you wonder what the best resources in Planet Crafter are.

There are many types of resources in The Planet Crafter, and although everyone has its use, we recommend collecting cobalt , ice , Super alloy And also aluminum as often as possible. These resources are vital for survival and progress in the planet Krafter.

The most valuable resource in The Planet Crafter

We believe that cobalt , ice , Super alloy as well as Aluminum are the most valuable resources at The Planet Crafter because of their use and items / buildings they create. Cobalt and ice are vital for survival, and superascolav and aluminum are the components of many craft recipes.

Cobalt is used to create oxygen cylinders, and you will need a permanent margin of oxygen, especially at the beginning of the game. You will die if you finish oxygen, simple and clear. The ice is used to produce water, which is another resource for survival.

Turning a Hostile Planet into Paradise! - Planet Crafter
Superplates and aluminum are necessary to create many recipes in the middle and end of the game, so you will need many of these resources. If you encounter these resources, we recommend collecting them no matter how early you are in the game, because at some point they will need you.

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