It appeared in Japanese localization & full voice! Robo Changer Action “Clondlone-Danger Zone

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Phoenixx announces the delivery date of the Sword Battle Action “ Clondlone-Dengue Zone-” PS4 / Xbox ONE / Nintendo Switch Version April 21, 2012, and booked on Nintendo ESHOP and Microsoft Store Did.

This work is a Sword Battle Action that operates a robot downloaded “Heart” and win the battle royal. Toggle various weapons such as swords, bows and hammers, destroy the opponent’s robot in the faction. Even if you lose the battle immediately, you can retry immediately, newly download profiles such as name, gender, age and occupation and fight with the next robot. Furthermore, at the end of each battle, the robot’s ability is also upgraded and reinforced. In addition to one play mode such as “Story Mode” “Endless Mode” and “Challenge Mode”, the Batroi “Last Bot Standing” where up to 15 players can participate, “Private Duel” “Online” where you can make a duel between friends and 1VS1. Multiplayer mode is also equipped with cooperative play. Corresponds to cross play between each platform. In addition, it supports Japanese localizations & full voices.

“Clondlone-Danger Zone-” is scheduled to be delivered on April 21, 2022 in PS4 / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch for 1,980 yen. Booking is started on Nintendo ESHOP and Microsoft Store.

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