LOL: A streamer calls a live Rioter to complain and responds in the best way

When we play League of Legends, we all have our favorite champions , our little dear ones that we choose again and again. On the contrary, there are also characters that we love hate and, if the bank at the beginning of the game allows us to expel one, sometimes we would like to be able to eliminate more than 1. The worst, of course, is be killed by one of them . And that is exactly what happened to the Emily Streamer “ Emiru **” Schunk, who suffers an almost onoshot by a viego (apparently, very feeding).


The call of despair

In the recent history of League of Legends, one of the most controversial champions has been a Viego, the ruined king. The creation of the leading developer of August champions “ August ” Browning, this character has been established as one of the most frustrating of the game. Emiru, a Cosplayer and Streamer of Otk, learned this in the most difficult way . After the jungle split it in two, she decided to call August live and live for complaining.

It must be said that the player was not fundamentally well placed and also under the cc of a definite that prevents him from moving, but especially near a wall. Therefore, this champion so dear and hated at the same time was next to a wall, so it benefited from an additional speed of attack and movement thanks to its e – Torment path , it is thanks to its w – Spectral faucers and it revises it with some blows with your sword.

As soon as they send it back to the fountain, she calls August to complain about the champion. _ “I can not even move!” _ She exclaims. _ “Why did you do that Viego killed me when I am with the whole life?” _ Protest the girl. _ “I’ve been stunned all the time! I was wearing my definitive skill with my Jhin and he approached and killed me.”

The best is August’s response, who decides to give a little back to the knife in the wound: _ “Well, When I created Viego, I thought for myself, ‘you know, one of these days Emily [Emiru] is going to Playing against him and I want it to happen really bad ‘, so I believed it to counteract Jhin. That’s it, that’s the story really. “I should be noted that he was also the one who designed the virtuoso. _ “I hate Riot, she’s supposed to be a game to be comfortable, why did you do this?” _ Continues, to what August responds between laughter: _ “I just thought that sometimes we had to put the ADC instead “_.

A perfect answer that adds a little salt to Streamer’s experience. Hopefully, she will be more careful with the location of him when she returns to play with Viego.

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