Köllner: You have to see the first half

After 2-0 by Yannick Deichmann, the game seemed to run in the triple stadium, especially since the lions could act with a man. The bag did not make the bag, but did not concede the connection hit and put a dither part in the second 45 minutes at 2: 1.

“Surely,” Michael Köllner knew that his team had occurred in the 2nd half, especially as in excess, not really confident. “But I think you have to see the first halfway. Since we played a super-football,” said the 1860 coach at “Magenta sport”. “We trapped a stupid goalie,” says Köllner, but she exposed: “If it stands until then 5: 1 or 6: 1, Freiburg does not have to complain.” Ultimately, he was “glad. Three points were our goal.”

He is missing after a total heating confrontation now in the pursuit duel next Saturday against Osnabrück, because he saw his fourth yellow card in the final phase and is now blocked.

We must not get the two goals. That had nothing to do with the mind.

Freiburg coach Thomas tribe

His opposite Thomas stem hounded with the defeat, though at the end two lions were more on the field. “We must not get the two goals. That had nothing to do with the mind. That must not happen as simply how the wall behaves at the free kick. And at the 0: 2 we just have no recording.”

With the “way”, how his team presented in the lower-mentioned, he agreed that “was very good”. With the second out, he could not make friends at all. There “the referee must have a fingertip feeling. On the level it belongs to the player clearly to admonish and then he knows what’s going on. So not.” Sascha Risch had seen twice twice within 87 seconds and thus yellow-red (57.).

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