PS plus-lineup for April is not good for the fans – especially a game gets his fat away

The PS plus games for April are now available, and at first glance, the lineup is not that bad at all: With Slay The Spire we have a great roguelike with deckbuilding mechanics, with SpongeBob: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated a colorful as well as solid Platformer and with Hood: Outlaws & Legends… Well, in the Hood test you can read, why the online Robin Hood has such problems.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends causes displeasure in the community

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is the PS Plus game for which Sony may pick up most of the criticism this month. In a reddit thread for dissatisfied users, it is titled “Further Totes Multiplayer Game”.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends did not feel well in the Hood test and only reached a test rating of 64 points. Tester Tobi Veltin criticizes in the test in particular the repetitive gameplay, the uneasant matchmaking and the partly committed balancing, which makes some classes overpowering and others far too weak.

Here you can see a trailer again:

In fact, Sony in cooperation with various publishers is always trying to promote game numbers of online titles by distributing Via PS Plus “free”. But not every game is a success like Rocket League or Case Guys.

Here you will find all the important information about PS Plus:

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The complaints go far beyond Hood: Outlaws & Legends . Negative voices are available every month, but at the moment the mood seems very irritated. “Why am I still paying for this service?”, Asks a user. “As soon as the new PS plus is there, I consider very good if I renew my subscription,” another.

Even under Sonys Tweet on April-Lineup, it does not look much better. “Bad month. Again. “, It says. Until Spongebob, none of the games seem to be able to highlight the fans behind the oven. But even the yellow sponge head can not all convince: “All three unfortunately bad”, is another, with a surrender smiley provided comment.

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Is the restructuring blaming at the relatively weak PS plus-lineup?

A reddit user fears that the “Essential Level” of the new PS Plus, which in principle corresponds to the current subscription, will “qualitatively go the way of Games With Gold”. Since Microsoft has been celebrating great success with the Game Pass, the “free” play for the Xbox Live subscription is almost only small and unknown titles. That’s exactly what we could expect at PS plus, so the fear of some fans. After all, Sony has an interest that we subscribe to the higher levels.

What do you think of PS plus in April, and do you see a downward trend with the monthly offer?

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