Ninja Blade, classic demolition of fromSoftware, leaves Steam

Ninja Blade , the last pre-demon’s SOUSS game that developed fromSoftware, is gone from Steam. The reasons are unknown, but when you enter the game page at the Valve store, the possibility of buying it is no longer offering; Instead, you can only read a message: “Notice : At the request of the publisher, Ninja Blade is no longer for sale in Steam».

This tank version of Ninja Blade was published a while after the original one for consoles, exclusive to Xbox 360. Interestingly, we were recently talking about this same Ninja Blade of Steam in the extension of the Podcast Reload, available in Patreon; He had so little impact that we discovered at the moment of the recording that this version existed.

In Steam’s forums some people, nor much, is wondering why the game has been withdrawn, and although the possibility of having a remake seems to seduce a couple of people the most reasonable explanations are the least fantasy: neither nd Games Neither BitComposer, the companies that were responsible for publishing the PC game, are already dedicated to these matters, so they probably have made it disappear to save themselves.

FromSoftware's Worst Game — Ninja Blade

Ninja Blade, exclusive Xbox 360, was published only one month before Demon’s Souls. It is a game of action famous for its exaggerated use of the _quick Time Events, its brevity and by shamelessly imitating Ninja Gaiden; From that far, 2009, however, fromSoftware became known, and recognized, to put the world legs up with Demon’s Souls and above all Dark Souls, and the rest is history. That story is, precisely, that we have in the monograph that we dedicate to the Japanese study a few weeks ago, and that we will continue soon; In that second part there is a text dedicated to Ninja Blade, of course.

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