Maple Story M, Service 2000 Day Memorial Event

Nexon (Representative Lee Jeong-hyun) said it was a 4-day mobile MMORPG ‘Maple Story M’ on MMORPG ‘Maple Story M’.

Up to the 14th of the month ‘Monsters’,’ Connect 2,000 characters’, ‘Character 2 Days’,’ Auto Battle 200 minutes’, ‘Participated in the 2nd, ” It provides items such as ‘2000-day party chair’.

Especially, if you enter a coupon number that appears at the end of the ‘2000 Day Memorial Video’, the “Event] storm growth is the ingredient Lv.1 to 249 ‘,’ 2000, party damage skin, and the like.

By the 10th of the month, the official community ‘[2000 is by the Sirs!]’ ‘2000’, ‘2000’, ‘2000’, and ‘Icheon’ Keywords, and screenshots to take a screewon, Shield ‘,’ Protect Shield ‘items are presented by two each.

In addition, the service is on the 4th day of the service on the fourth day of the day, “50% increase in party experience, and 50%” item acquisition rate increased by 50% ‘, and additional open events and’ LED party hats’, The on-time events that paid ‘automatic combat filling’ are respectively. In addition, when connecting to a specific time game by 8, it provides a 50% benefit of increased party experience.

MapleStory M | Wind Archer vs. Magnus (Hard) | Smooth (kinda..?) and Swiftly
More information on ‘Maple Story M’ can be found on the official website.

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