The smallest mobile phone in the world sets you back 50 EUR as well as is certainly popular behind bars

Nowadays mobile phones are growing as well as extra extensive. Some devices are now so huge that they rarely fit them in the pocket and then instead land in the backpack or bag.

A Youtuber has actually now presented a mobile phone, which the maker is called “the smallest mobile phone on the planet”. Also due to its size, the mobile phone is allegedly also prominent in prisons.

The smallest mobile phone on the planet is smaller than a matchbox. But what can you make with it? Meinmmo presents you the tiny device.

Mobile phone is smaller sized than a matchbox

Hence, according to the maker, the equipment should appropriate for instance as an emergency situation device or if you wish to make sport outdoors and also a mobile phone intend to have it. Due to the fact that the thing is so small that you can quickly connect it to the belt.

Exactly how huge is the mobile phone? The Zanco Tiny T1 has the measurements of 6.5 x 2.5 x 1.0 cm and is consequently smaller than a commercially readily available matchbox. Because that has the measurements of 5 centimeters × 3.5 cm × 1.5 cm as well as therefore virtually twice the quantity.

What does the phone deal? Obviously you can not expect technical work of arts from the device or set up dozens of apps. The mobile phone deals Bluetooth 3.0, 3 days standby time and you need to have the ability to save approximately 500 contacts on the device and also supply up to 3 hrs of talk time.

Exactly how large the device is and also what you can do with it, you can check out in the existing video clip of Linus Technology Tips. Because Linus has actually tried the device as well as is shocked by the little size:

Tiny cell phones are popular particularly behind bars

Why do the device locate detainees well? You can use the device in Germany? ** You can buy the device in Germany, the phone officially utilizes the 2G network.

** Why do the device find prisoners well? The British magazine Dailymail had reported that these gadgets were so small as well as plastic that they would certainly not observe on body scanners.

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On the little device you will certainly not be able to play on the internet games. If you are still looking for a suitable MMORPG for your present smartphone, after that look at our MMORPG listing. Here Meinmmo has actually listed the finest mobile MMORPGs for you: +.

The phones can be easily smuggled into the interior of the prison, specifically from prisoners, which allowed to venture out on the day of the launch. The detainees swallow the SIM card so they can not be grabbed and later on found.


** Of training course you can not expect technical masterpieces from the device or mount lots of apps. The mobile phone deals Bluetooth 3.0, 3 days standby time and also you ought to be able to save up to 500 get in touches with on the device and also provide up to 3 hours of talk time.

You can utilize the device in Germany? You can acquire the device in Germany, the phone formally utilizes the 2G network. You can use this in Germany nationwide, the German network driver 3G had established the German network drivers.

Whether such a device actually spends for you is definitely an additional question. Because for virtually 50 euros you can really make use of the device just phone as well as send out SMS messages.

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