Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga – unlock all major combat vessels

In our Guide to the major fighting ships in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is experiencing:

  • How to unlock all major fighting ships in the game
  • How to challenge the major fighting ships to a fight
  • How to master the boss fights in combat ships

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Executing Executor

  • Location : Space over Tatooine or Bespin
  • Costs : 5,000,000 stones

Flies to space over tatooine or bespin and sells the time, for example, with the red marked space battles . The executor appears after some time – how long you have to wait for it, however, is random.

As soon as the executor is there, you have to turn off the guns on both sides as well as the TIE hunters. Then you can land in the Hangar. There you can expect a whole lot of storm trolley and a boss fight against the particularly strong storm trolley TT-2005 . This drops a data card with which you activates the terminal in the Hangar.

Then the Admiral comes in the hangar, which you defeated a few shots. The executor then belongs to you – assuming you have 5,000,000 stones on Halde.

Combat ship of trade delivery

  • Location : Output over Geonosis, Mustafar, Naboo or Utapau
  • Costs : 3,000,000 stones

Keep up for a while in space over Geonosis, Mustafar, Naboo or Utapau. At some point, the combat ship of trade funding appears. With us the combat ship appeared exactly the moment when we have reached the outer space via Naboo .

Destroy the protected powers and Vulture droid to take over the combat ship. Inside the ship, Captain Nuno Tuuk lures to a trap. With a Jedi or Sith you can move the boxes in the room to the red switches and thus deactivate the energy child. In the end, you have to insert three energy cells into the right brackets. Follow the three cables from the locked door to find the brackets.

Have you overcome the trap, the boss fight against Captain Nuno Tuuk begins. The captain constantly runs away from you. Read after him and shoots again and again on him or yard your lightsaber on him. The combat droids that emerge in the corridors can ignore them.

If you have brought Nuno Tuuk’s life bar to zero, you can buy the combat ship of trade funding for 3,000,000 stones .

Find ## Steadfast

  • Location : Space over Cantonica, Exegol, Jakku or Pasaana
  • Costs : 3,000,000 stones

In space about Cantonica, Exegol, Jakku or Pasaana, you meet with a little patience to the steadfast. As soon as you have turned off the guns and tie hunters, you can land in the Hangar. Complete all the storm trolley of the first order – one of them leaves a key card falling with which you can open the gate behind the flames.

Switches to C3-Po behind the gate and controls the gun behind the energy barrier with the terminal. You eliminate the barrier by destroying the two blue generators with the gun.

It follows the boss fight against Captain Swarton. As soon as you did you do, go back to the Hangar, where another boss fight awaits you against the real captain swarton. Caution: She rises in a at-st , which can not harm your blasts or lightweights. On the right side of the hangar, however, is a great gun with which you can disassemble the AT-ST into its items.

As soon as you have defeated the real captain Swarton, you can buy the Steadfast for 3,000,000 stones .

Death star build

  • Location : Sideup order “Operation: Little Star” on Yavin 4
  • Costs : 5,000,000 stones

In the middle level of the temple on Yavin 4 you get the rebels with the white helmet the secondary order “Operation: Little Star”. He sends you to Coruscant to steal the death star plans in the office of Tarkin . As soon as you have landed on Coruscant, go to a taxi and travels to the Senate building.

The office of Tarkin stands right in front of the Senate building. There you will learn that the plans have already been stolen from another thief. Ride by taxi back to the landing platform Nord and follows the track to the thief. But this can not catch that easily and runs away from you. Take him afterwards until he jumps into an AT-ST, which she can not harm with normal weapons.

Therefore clamp behind the gun at the edge of the area and defeat the plans of the plans. To complete the secondary mission, she flies back to the rebels on Yavin 4 – now you can build the death star for 5,000,000 stones .

Death star 2 received

  • Location : Sideup order “Unhaltkugel 3” on Endor (Episode 6 Completion 6)
  • Costs : 2,000,000 stones

Travel to Endor into the village of Ewoks.
Immediately before the landing platform is a EWOK mechanic , with which you can talk as soon as you have switched to a protocol droid.
He wants to bring him nine parts of the destroyed death star, so that the Ewoks can build you a new death star.
Then fly into the outer space over Endor and collects the nine parts of the destroyed death star – they are all marked for you.
With the parts you return to Ewok, who can build a new death star 2 for a proud 2,000,000 stones.

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