Large Cat Action “Gori: Cuddly Carnage” officially announced. Running the stage with a hoverboard, a cute Unicorn will be a bloody

Publisher Wired Productions officially announced the action game “ GORI: Cuddly Carnage ” that Angry Demon Studio works on April 14. The corresponding platform is PC (STeam) and the delivery time is undecided. The game corresponds to Japanese.

“Gori: Cuddly Carnage” is a triplex and slash game of the third person perspective, making a bid walking label and a hero. In the world of this work to stage the near future, it is called the Kawaii Corps, and the army of the blood starved to the blood hungry cleans the humanity. If you don’t have enough cute, you will destroy anyone on the earth. So, “GORI” that “the world’s most cute and varied cat” is a Kawaii Corps and the leader behind it.

GORI has a state-of-the-art hoverboard F. R. A. N. K and a modular AI CH1-P, and advancing the stage while being led to a chatter AI. The stage combines a dark aspect of Non-sparkling and a dark aspect that enemies and enemy armies have killed. I ride such an environment on the hoverboard and run out. There is also a scene that jumps over the gap using the jumping table, passes through the gap, or grinds the rails like a skateboard game.

Then, when the enemy reaches the area where the enemy appears, the battle starts. Hoverboards are also weapons and sharp blades from both ends pop out. While riding a hover board, spin or shake the enemy to attack the enemy. Enemy appeared in various types of unicorns that mutated, and those with motifs for the motif. Blood splashes fly, and it seems to be a battle full of Goa expression, such as the body fly. Also, a good BGM of Nori is adopted and responding to the player’s actions and play tiles.

This work was announced in 2020, and at the time there is also a trial version distribution event “STEAM Game Festival”. And this time, he knew about Wired Productions and a publishing contract. The company’s Managing Director Leo Zullo is “The response when they showed the demonstration of the demonstration…. Hoverboard A Super-cool cat who got on the hoverboard is a combination of a combination and unicorn Cut off your head!? Is it serious!? The energy of the team has been transmitted, and it has been out of the game. It is the best!

Gori: Cuddly Carnage - Gameplay Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2020

“Gori: Cuddly Carnage” is developing for PC (STeam). Delivery time is undecided. Seller Wired Productions is trying to deliver a follow-up to the next few months.

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