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The steel vehicles enjoy great popularity in the online games world. Also in the free browser game Panzer Rush huge tanks are the focus – which can already give the name of the game al1. But in the numerous battles, not only vehicles are used, because aircraft, ships and railways are also in the war game with the game. Your strategy determines the exit of every fight, but other players want to win the battle for themselves.

from the battlefield to the base

You start your commander career in Panzer Rush with plenty of action, because already in the first minute you get a battle. At your side you have only a few armored cars, but those are enough to handle your first opponent and conquer a base. This serves as a basis for your further procedure. In your base you build light to medium tank. If you want to fight with heavy steel ribs or even airplanes, boats, helicopters and armored trains, you first devote yourself to the further expansion of your area. For each combat and means of transport, you need not only the respective production facility in Panzer RUSH, but also the corresponding resources such as concrete, steel and aluminum.

Fighting again and again, fighting, fighting

In the free strategy game fights against other players are the focus. No wonder, after all, all other committees want to continue their power on – and they only succeed in using the strongest possible army. In the real-time strategy game, you should always be on the hat, because anytime other players lurk everywhere, who apart your area. But with powerful units in your home base, you can succeed in warding every powerful attacker.

For this you set up a versatile army that comes with any kind of threat. In addition to more than ten classic tanks – including light, medium and heavy variants, you therefore also tackle other unity types. If you go to the thing and uniform the different combat units for a mighty troupe, you are sure to control the great map of the MMOS.

Panzer Rush

HACK PANZER RUSH online game - FREE steel,aluminium and GOLD


Different units to choose from

A map, many players

Simple control


Few possibilities for base construction

4/5 stars

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