One Piece Film Red confirms the great secret of Shanks in its new trailer

Toei Animation hToei Animation surprised One Piece fans with a new trailer of One Piece Film Red in which one of the greatest revelations that we could imagine about Shanks , the redhead, one of the four emperors (Yonkou) that govern the new world. We knew that the character wToei Animation going to have a fundamental weight in this fifteenth film in the saga and that Eiichiro Oda wToei Animation very involved in production and supervision, but we did not expect something like that.

This article includes a Argume Destrión that confirms One Piece Film Red’s own trailer this April 13. Do not keep reading if you prefer to avoid spoiler .

One Piece Film Red confirms who is the new female character

The female character who wToei Animation revealed in a new poster only a few days ago is called uta and is… Shanks’ daughter ! That’s how it is. The film, at the expense of knowing if she is or not canonical, confirms away from the sleeve that the redhead hToei Animation a natural descendant; While we do not know the identity of the mother.

Toei Animation we can see in the video, the footage begins by showing us a much younger shans sequence – when he still wore Roger’s straw hat – talking to Uta, his daughter. Everything makes indicating that UTA will be one of the main antagonistic characters of the film, with an obstacked pToei Animationt and some other conversation pending with her father. The plot hToei Animation triggered his interest for the fans, who wonder if we see or soon soon to Shanks after the events that are taking place in the official manga, whose Wano arch is starting the final outcome of him.

One Piece Film Red premieres this August 6, 2022 in cinemToei Animation

One Piece Film Red will be releToei Animationed in Japan cinemToei Animation this August 6, 2022 . Tsutomu Kuroiwa is in charge of the script, Toei Animation it already did in One Piece Film Gold, with Eiichiro Oda in executive production and supervision of the material. The director of the tape is Goro Taniguchi, Code GeToei Animations creator.

『ONE PIECE FILM RED』特報 Teaser Trailer 2/8月6日(土)公開
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