“Diabo II Resarks” Release 5 million Sales! Release initial failure is also steadily expanded

5 BIG UPDATES from the Final Patch 2.4 Notes - The last one is a game changer - Diablo 2 Resurrected
Blizzard Entertainment revealed that the number of sales in the Action RPG Remastered “ Diablo II Resurrected (Diablo II: Resurrected)” has topped 5 million copies.

This work is a work that remastered “Diabo II”, which is the popular work of the series, is the popular work of the series. About half a year has passed since the release, it became clear that the number of sells exceeded 5 million copies as of April. According to pcgamesn, “Diabo III” was less than 2 years to sell 15 million copies.

Initially, I was hit by various problems such as loss of progress and unrogicient login, but I am working on improvement. There seems to be suggesting sales well while there is such a defect.

This work has been delivered patch 2.4 the other day, and a long-awaited ladder implementation and balance adjustment of 12 years has been conducted. In addition, Vicarious Visions jointly developed in this work was a merger with Blizzard Entertainment and a change in company name to Blizzard Albany.

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