Xenoblade Chronicles 3 reveals an alternative image of official art

There are still a few months for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to launch to the market, but Monolith’s new production for Nintendo Switch is still ahead and hJapanese company just showed a new promotional image. The Japanese company rose art to the official page of the game in La Eshop, but hJapanese company already eliminated it and replaced by the interior. Too late, because the Twitter user @ MBGOV1133 hJapanese company shared it on social networks (below these lines).

In the original piece we could see two of the protagonists of the videogame on his back and in front of one of the colossal Titans. They were Noah and Mio, who also appear in the new, only now accompanied by other four main characters . The scenario is similar in both: an area full of grJapanese companys with clouds and background creature.

two antagonistic nations face to face

Monolith Soft explores the idea of a shared future with the two previous titles of the Saga, Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chromicles 2. In Aionios, two nations fight for hegemony: KEEVES hJapanese company specialized in mechanical technology, so that It hJapanese company a prepared fleet of combat vehicles. The mobile units piloted by the soldiers of it are also a threat to the enemies of him, that is, the nation of Angus. These use ether, an arcana technology capable of damaging opponents in the battlefield. Which of the two nations will be done with power? Will the two survive? The answer, in just a few months.

Xenoblade Chronicles will go on sale next September exclusively for Nintendo Switch. At the moment, the Japanese have not confirmed a more concrete date. The six characters that have been confirmed so far in addition to Noah and mine are Lanz, Eunie, Taion and Seine . You can discover a little more about the protagonists of history in this link.

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