Twitch lie with price drop: nor are there more subscribers or creators earn more

It has been a year since twitch announced the price drop in subscriptions with the intention that spectators could subscribe to their favorite _streamers for less price (specifically a euro less in Spain). This obviously caused a huge stir among the most sound creators of the platform, as they were quite afraid to lower their income exponentially and that many of their co-workers had to put aside the world of live retransmissions.

Well, the results of the first year have arrived and, as expected, are not entirely hopeful for the streamers more “small” who want to dedicate themselves to this. Thanks to less thirteen, a veteran creator of the purple platform, we have been able to see more or less as Twitch has evolved since it was announced this descent and the consequences that has come to have among the workers.

As it can be observed in the thread, it is a fairly reliable sample, since at least thirteen has been average about 28 or 29 direct per month. Until May, its stability hardly changed since it was only the announcement and the changes had not yet arrived. But with the arrival of this policy in Mexico, the thing began to fall little by little until the global change came, where a truly large drop was seen.

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Less thirteen has been one of those streamers that has been growing over the last few months following numerous series where Egoland or 14 days can be participated. That is why although it seems that the graph for the rise, it has not really been for this policy but because it has been as a result of the increase of its popularity as such. The number of subscribers on its channel has increased… but it is because it has increased its popularity and followers more than by the price drop.

According to the results taken from the thirteenth channel, the Streamer reaches a clear conclusion: the one that has benefited has been Amazon more than anyone else. The North American giant has saved a good amount of money when it comes to lowering the price while many content creators who dedicate their full time to the platform must be left the skin to be able to reach the end of the month.

While it is true that the greatest _streamers will not be very affected, some with the average of 600-700 spectators have been truly evil due to the great low income they suffered a year ago. It will be necessary to see how the platform evolves, but until there is a competitor capable of facing him, everything points to a monopoly commanded by Jeff Bezos and the empire of him.

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