Destiny 2: Inventory Zura at the weekend – 22.04.2022

For the “Guards of the Last City” weekend means the return of their beloved mysterious merchant. Every weekend Zur will appear in different places to offer exotic equipment and several other items for purchase. That’s what Zur offers on this weekend and where it can be found.

Where zur?

Zur will open his store in the black market every Friday at 13:00 in Eastern / 10:00 on Pacific Time . Every weekend it will be located in one of the three options: a winding bay in EMZ, the grave of a sentiment on Nesse or in the hangar in the tower. It will remain in this place for three days before the weekly discharge on Tuesday.

This weekend, Zur is in EDZ in WINDING COVE . Precise location, see the map below:

With the introduction of eternity in the event dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Bungie, we will see much more Zura than usual. He leads Dares of Eternity with his space companion Starhorse. Nevertheless, this hosting work does not interfere with its obligation to sell goods to guards at low prices. He will still sell his products every weekend in one of three places and conduct Dares of Eternity. The way that a mysterious stranger can be in two places at the same time must be a mystery of nine.

Sales Zur

XUR also sells Dead Man’s Tale and Hawkmoon with Different Rolls every week . This weapon costs 125,000 flickers, 200 legendary fragments, exotic cipher and fragmentation of ascension. Rollers for this week below:

Roller “History of Deadman” this week

  • barrel – corrugated trunk
  • magazine – broken Magvell
  • character trait – fourth times charm
  • Stock – Mounted Stock

Где Зур сегодня 22.04.2022./ Where Xur today April 22 2022 (Destiny 2)

Roll Hamoon this week

  • Barrel – Chamber compensator
  • magazine – Journal of alloys
  • character trait – sketch
  • handle – polymer handle

That’s all that XUR sells this weekend. Make sure you have taken any exotic that you do not have, as well as any rolls that you may need. Zur will collect things on Tuesday in RESET, and all his things will disappear.

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