Xenoblade Chronicles 3: a character of the first game reappears in the last trailer

After a fairly discreet communication from Nintendo, the Nippon giant reveals much more about its next major J-RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The new output date of the title was recently accompanied by an unpublished trailer. Under the sharpened eye of fans, it seems that this trailer reveals the presence of a character already present in previous titles.


The backdrop starts to reveal

Many fans look forward to the return of the license Xenoblade Chronicles with the next output of the third opus. Monolith Soft, who had already contributed to the development of Breath of the Wild , takes care of this new J-RPG that slowly begins to reveal.

It is difficult to summarize all the intrigue of saga so far as it is full of rich and precise mythological elements. Xenoblade 3 should make the link between the two previous opus with as a backdrop the war between two nations: KEVES and Agnus, who respectively represent mechanics and magic.

The two protagonists are each from both camps . Noah is the KEVES champion, and should meet Mio. Our two heroes are both “soul smugglers” to accompany the spirits of the warriors fallen into combat. They will be accompanied by four acolytes: Lanz, Eunie, Taion and Sena.

How is this team dedicated to training? What threat should our heroes face? It will be possible to discover all this on July 29th.. In the meantime, the fans are already having dissel the little information that reaches us. Today, new slopes seem to confirm the return of a well-known major character of the players of the first episode.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Release Date Revealed – Nintendo Switch

Melia, Sovereign KEVES

For those who have already traveled Xenoblade Chronicles , the name of Melia should remember some memories. The Mage was at the time of the seven playable characters. Girl and second consort of Emperor Sorean, our heroine quickly joined the band of Shulk. Today, it seems that Xenoblade 3 will return the character, under more severe features and with darker designs than previously. It is visible at very exactly 1 minutes and 41 seconds in the trailer available a little higher.

We do not yet know the motivations of Melia but it seems to belong to the KEVES camp as suggested the shared images on the Nintendo site. According to unofficial sources, Melia would be the sovereign of KEVES. How did a mage arrive at the head of a nation subject to the mechanical engineering? Finally, this revelation poses even more questions than before. What to put water to the mouth of the most impatient fans. In the meantime, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is already available in pre-order.


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55 minutes ago

Melia and Nia were already 2 characters extremely developed from the 2 games and you will tell me that the two characters will have an even stronger development with downturn, change of universe etc… ??? Xenoblade is really becoming Takahashi’s consecration and one of JV licenses, if not the JV license with the densest lore existing.

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