Nickelodeon first turned to the developers of Streets of Rage 4 for a new TMNT

One of the most surprising and exciting game announcements for 2022 came in the form of teenage mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge-a relapse brawler that is reminiscent of Konamis classic arcade-kop-beat’em-ups. It was an exciting news, not only because of his nostalgic appearance and feeling, but also because of the connection of the editor Dotemu, the company behind the outstanding street 4 of 2020.

Now it was revealed in a studio profile by edge in the latest edition. “Nickelodeon came to us because of Ninja Turtles,” says Cyrille Imbert, CEO of Dotemu when it comes to the difficulty of getting the right to work on such famous IPs.

It seems that the television station has registered in the hope of working with the company specializing in retro games, and it seems that Imbert did not have to think very long before he came up with the idea of developing a new Turtles game. He says: “I googled Nickelodeon just to remember it [of Its IP]. I saw TMNT and thought: ‘Yes, that was it, no need to continue’. “

The project was then handed over to the developer Tribute Games, who is known for his work on similar retro games as the Metal Slug-Hommage Mercenary Kings. Tribute also consists of developers who once worked at Ubisoft on Brawlers like Scott Pilgrim VS the World and even the TMNT film connection game on the Game Boy Advance, so the project obviously rests in some experienced hands.

Nickelodeon has apparently had a great resolution at video games lately, with last year’s all-star Brawl being a surprisingly robust Super Smash Bros Kl1. The fighting game showed Leonardo and Michelangelo from the Turtles as well as April O’Neill – which will also appear in Shredder’s Revenge as a playable fighter – and even the Shredhead Hochperlichder was included in the list late in February thanks to some free DLCs.

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