How to quickly get diamonds at Roblox Slacing Simulator

Roblox Slaving Simulator is an exciting combat simulator, an inspired anime in which you can continue to explore a large card and collect new weapons, pets and equipment to become a more powerful warrior. The goal is to improve the speed of cutting and damage as the level increases. The best equipment is bought for coins that fall out of enemies, but more special equipment is bought for diamonds. Diamonds get a little more difficult than coins, but there are several ways that you can collect them faster.

Buying diamonds with Robux

The easiest way to get diamonds quickly and without any trouble is to buy them in store for robux. You can get 150 diamonds just for 20 reactions and a more significant amount if you have more Robux to spend. It’s worth it if you want to get a lot of diamonds right away, and this does not require any pharma or grinding.

Slashing simulator roblox - Get tons of diamonds fast! 1 minute tutorial

Get 2 times more diamonds

Another great way to quickly get diamonds is to buy 2x diamond gampass . This will greatly facilitate the collection of diamonds during the battle with your ordinary mobs, but it will cost you a single 300 of reactions . If you do not want to spend this amount, you can buy 2x diamond booster instead only 30 rea . However, 2x Boost lasts only 20 minutes, so be sure to use it fully before it disappears.

Get a daily login

If you do not have robux or, rather, you do not use them to collect diamonds, there are other ways to get them quite quickly, without spending anything. Daily entrance This is what you can collect in the game every day, as a reward for which you get special items, such as pets, coins and diamonds. If you continue your series of entrances to the system for seven days you can be rewarded 25,000 diamonds . This is a simple method, given that it does not require a farm. You just need to not forget to go into the game every day to get your award.

battles with bosses on a farm

Another way to collect diamonds is to fight enemies. Boss battles I can get you 5-7+ diamonds each time, depending on which area you are in. It is very easy to continue to farm the bosses with auto-losche control on the left side of the screen. Your character will continue to beat the boss and constantly kill him as it is revived. This method is even more effective with 2x Diamond Boosts or Gamepasses. If you continue this pharma process, you will quickly get rich into jewelry!

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